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  1. Syed Ali
    Syed Ali
    2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Lanat hai Maria B per agar usny esa kiya
    or Islam k hawaly per baat kerny se pehly khudko bhi dekh lena chahiye k ap khud kitna Islam per amal kerty hain
    agar ap yehi video Scarf pehn ker ya sir per dubata pehn ker banatin to me apko Salaam kerta
  2. Sidra Ali
    Sidra Ali
    11 months, 3 weeks ago

    I dont think so that there is any thing to criticize MARIA B. for launching Muharram Series there are so many things like restaurants offer special deals for Muharram NAZR O NIYAZ, the caterers give special discounts on arrangements specially for Muharram even in local markets the pathans stalls are full of black cloths with variety of Fabric. There is nothing happened unique from maria b. I found a customer on electronics shop asking for big speakers for Majlis with loud voice and reasonable price. The shopkeeper introduced him to buy Audionic Majlis Series Speaker. There was just a name whatever you think it is a marketing strategy or to gaining customer's attention you cannot say that it is not fulfilling there requirement. Anything is market is launch according to the demand of people. The customer was Shia and he was happy to see that there is some exclusive series of speaker in Pakistani sound market specially for Muharram that make him feel special.

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