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  1. Nida Ali
    Nida Ali
    3 years, 10 months ago

    Dear Sir,
    It is humbly requested that a family in Sangla Hill involved in illegal activities and creating law & order situation causing disparity in the educational society:
    Mrs. Surya D/o Ghulam Mustafa Phone # 0563-700707
    A retire school teacher involved in leakage Class 8th and Middle Class Paper of Faisalabad Board. He with her husband involved in giving tuition and solves papers of 8th and middle class. Mr. Bashir the husband of Sureya begum was paper setter for no of years before retirement, therefore, they are fully involved with new paper setter of Faisalabad and Lahore Board.
    Their Sons are involved in many illegal activities with Bargis Tahir the local MNA. They are involved in Car & Motor Cycle Snatching and many FIR are against them.
    Mrs. Shahida D/o Ghulam Mustafa Phone # 0483-217704
    Her Husband Mr. Shabbir is involved in theft of Salt from Kohira Mines and Exports the same to abroad. As he worked 35 years in Salt Mines. And knows all the loopholes of the same.
    Mrs. Zahida D/o Ghulam Mustafa Phone # 0483-210297
    She is involved in facilitating the cheating in Sargodha Board.
    Mr. Naseem S/o Ghulam Mustafa Phone # 0563-700283
    The Main Culprit Mr. Naseem Ward # 02 near Railway Station Sangla Hill. The person is involved in :
    1. Ransoming.
    2. Selling illegal Weapons.
    3. Providing Heroine to Innocent People.
    4. He is the right hand of Barjis Tahir and support to all his sisters is illegal activities.
    5. Facilitating Prostituting.
    6. Supplying Hash, garda, liquior etc.
    Rizwana Abid Phone # 03009761828
    She is settled in Rawalpindi in Bahria Town and dealing with all types of females in interior Punjab for prostitution activities.

    In order to control the Government resources based on my investigation please take legal action against the same.

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