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  1. Azim Chodhary
    Azim Chodhary
    2 years, 1 month ago

    What the hell is going on in this country???
    I’m looking into Islamabad’s demonstration since from the day first and couldn’t understand what sort of democracy does Pakistan have??? Peaceful people are demanding their rights but none of the government’s representative is listening to them and even ban food and water; Allah saves participants.
    What I’d say that government is incompetent to handle any matter and looking at their past, I’ve no doubt about their plan, which is nothing but massacre of their own people; curse on those idiots who’re enjoying poor people’s tax’s money and ignoring their basic rights and treating them like animals.
    Interesting thing is that pak-army is silent in this situation and watching all this matter like recluse. I can’t understand what kind of oath they’ve taken.
    I’d say shame on Army because that’s the only institution, which people believe isn’t corrupted and they’re behaving this matter like strangers...

    Top of everything media is 100% dishonest and reporting fabricated news about demonstration in Islamabad. BIG shame on them…

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