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Reham Khan's Mother is death

Published: Jan 20, 2017 Filed under: Pakistan

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What is the health condition of Maulana Fazal-Ur-Rehman after operation ?

Published: Jan 11, 2017 Filed under: Latest Beats Pakistan

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Imran Khan reaction over allegations of Reham Khan

Published: Nov 16, 2015 Filed under: Latest Beats
Imran Khan instructed all party leaders to avoid any statement about his divorce or married life.

Reward - Saleem Safi

Published: May 4, 2014 Filed under: Saleem Safi
How Imran Khan Reward His Friends and Well Wishers

We had not requested a meeting with Imran Khan - American Embassy

Published: Dec 6, 2013 Filed under: Latest Beats
عمران خان سے ملاقات کی درخواست نہیں کی تھی : امریکی سفارت خانہ

زرداری مقدمات اور ہمارا حال - سید طلعت حسین

Published: Oct 15, 2013 Filed under: Talat Hussain
پاکستان میں سیاست ایک سنجیدا موضوع بھی ہے مگر دوسری طرف اس کی مضحکہ خیزیاں بھی نہ ختم ہونے والی ہیں۔

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