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خیبر ایجنسی: امریکی ڈرون حملہ میں پانچ افراد جاں بحق،دو زخمی

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  1. jjthemanjunaid
    3 years ago

    First, they could be wrong or lie. That automatically means due process must always be used. Just as important, if we can do that to our citizens in foreign lands, other countries can do it to their own citizens in our country. We need to be setting RESPONSIBLE precedents here. LG price pakistan
  2. Babur
    3 years, 10 months ago

    Is hamla ne sahih taur par paanch shaddat pasand ko nishana bana ke halaak kiya hai aur jab tak yeh log hamare mulk main reh kar apne dehshatgardi jaari rakhenge, tab tak in ke mithane ke lye Amrica drones istemaal karte hee rahegi. Agar hum drone hamlon ko rokna chaahte hain to in dehshatgardon ko kisi na kisi tarah sahih raste pe laana hoga.