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  1. Muhammad Riyaz
    Muhammad Riyaz
    11 months, 3 weeks ago

    Indians: I live in USA and here in USA, a convicted killer is allowed to meet his wife and other relative at his last moment. But this meeting is always held behind a glass curtain. Only through a telephone/intercom both parties can talk, but can not touch each other. This is the norm prevailed in all civilized countries including USA.

    What's wrong that Pakistan has done differently?

    Now, just wait, we will chop Kulbhushan Yadev's head which will be utilized to play football and will chop his testicles to play Golf with, because his testicles like all Indian Testicles will be too small to play Cricket with. After that, we will return his headless and testicle less body to you for the cremation. Promise.

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