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  1. Fahad Khan
    Fahad Khan
    1 year, 10 months ago

    Qandeel Baloch gives break from real sad stories
    Media in Pakistan does not always air negative and sad stories, sometimes the viewer needs some relief. However, there is so little good going on in the Pakistan that it is sometimes very tough to find anything else. And so our channels keep showing serious and negative things.
    So it was fun to see Geo air a show about Qandeel Baloch on Ek Din Geo Ke Saath. Qandeel Baloch has become a celebrity of sorts due to her Social Media postings and seeing this it was an interesting show to watch her on TV.
    Interestingly Qandeel Baloch made her 'debut' appearance on Geo Entertainment's show "Pakistan Idol" where she failed the auditions. From there she appeared on FB uploading videos and then tried to stir controversy with proposals to PTI leader Imran Khan; Pak cricket team's performance; Mufti Qavi etc. - and got a lot of attention not only on the social media but also on TV.
    A lot of my friends watched and enjoyed this episode of Qandeel Balcoh on Ek Din Geo Ke Saath.

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