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  1. Ahmad Khan
    Ahmad Khan
    3 years, 7 months ago

    This is an interesting matter. Imran appointed consultants from PTI for implementaion of development projects in KPK. These consultants were clueless about the job, majority from Punjab and their only qualification was PTI membership. Imran determined their fee @15% of the total cost of project which was to be paid to them in advance. The implementing departments were asked to start their work only on receipt of the relevent consultant. As a matter of fact they were all paid 15% i.e. around Rs1.5 billion. As mentioned above none of them was competent for the job and could not submit their reports as a result the entire development budget for Rs10 billion lapsed on 30/6/2014 and the remaining funds (10 bil minus 1.5 bil paid to consultants was returned to federal govt. The federal govt in appreciation of saving this amount paid Rs1.5bil to KPK. Please note the implememtation of projects is the sole duty of the provincial govt and the federal govt provides funds only. Now the PTI on one hand wasted Rs1.5bil on consultants (bribe to its members) their reports are still not in and on the other hand they deprived thr people of KPK of Rs8 bil. This the true story.

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