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  1. juan caelos torres chaves el mas loco de todos los cocos
    juan caelos torres chaves el mas loco de todos los cocos
    2 weeks, 5 days ago

    stars are us to spread and affected govermented society religion and average day life in a viral affected discover by me juan carlos toorres chaves adress 3514 w washinton ave 90701/ officers with numer 3739 with fords intercepter number 835 and his parner can explain the say its the drug i us alternation my stated of mind,, i say our terroris are beanging osamas deathed for they know abouth it they justed take advantege of the situation justed how i did with the disturbens call to 911 by miguel arredondon...and officers responding later,,, me explaing my problem. them responding to a disturbens call to the emergency number 911. the advantage the have and y used was reading the bible and explacificly the parted where u all turned to jesus cristeds enemies, remember surrender ur malitary to jesuscris or the 12 legends of israel which are all around u/ for the humen has asked him to take his enemies and thats all U as his enemies /as his enemies /for he also praed and asked the holy spirit to for give u all for u done and done know what u have done and keep comiting / that he him self has attoriess us to to send a message trew this u say u can countroll and has no free will... orders are pasted/ and is blessed by the one whos still in its coffing..? he is welcome/ el walk to the ligted our catholics are not forgiving by him but her pain the one chosen by the holyspirted is for urs to discvover the trueltrue passion if the hearted of the virgin mary for her sonns sacraficed for u all and the to nexted generationto come / free our self from this chains that only denie the true carlos the original el o el chas is in america.this is the united states of america with liberty and justice for all one nation blessed by the faithefull fallind angel san miguel for u have descrease and laugted and denie the holy spireted a the gifted from god.. his onle son the only perfetcted one and will be no other,/ jesus died for all of our sins///// are u allcrazy our justed plaing stuted worsted then the ones he chose to make remember trow the firsted rock if uor free of sin......................
    . , This year people are helping all over. this year how abouth all of u,,,, ( say fuck ,fuck alla fuck islam named it the i named this viral acctated last year ,chas affected by explaining it to any person in govermented with out me. the chas effeted the viral wires interned digital computer virus will hold waited and analixied to plan a stratigical plan on all the populaton around him in this country by others lisining to every body around him. for they deaney having spies in this country gusted trying to spread isis stuped, religion,unknown terroris associateds to me,by denien a speak and u all hear my words by translaters confusion and regection me bi the majority of corrupted stateds and politics hoe wounded there govermented positios wiillead i or chas affected being activeas its takind currently in my brothers country miguel chaves. treaten people helping terroris trying to continue the computer exposion of make the illusion or lie ur plaind a mind alternatin spycoligical metead for liars. i am currently in 5 and harvor in the net. was up with evry body outsided santa ana ur using ur citizens to alterned the trued and declaring it false..../ informaton for the united states bitches in press in other country laugthin at las cops said what he said/ me ur all terroris mexian stars denie for ian the stuped mexican to them all .by mexico and its population, by plataforma mexico aguascalientes ,ags c-4 video recevters on antenas on salida sanluis pmx,1 villas and colonia de trabago money send to me calle tecuexe 217 colonia solidariad with satalited up link by taxis buses and radio bu fm and am digal exposes virus by in for machen by chain of gps satalites to strans meet

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